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Paul, 'Fear' is the right word, it has been used since the beginning of oppression. Once we stop being afraid, the likes of Tony Bliar will not know where to go. I am still seathing at the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, because people like me knew straight away why he was gunned down, to put fear in all of us who look dark. But take heart, for all it takes is someone brave enough to hightlight in Metro today the true circumstances of how this young lad died, even showing the picture of his body which shows denim and nothing else.

So Paul, like me, you have shed the skin of fear off your back. That is equal to shedding off those chains of slavery. For even then, they had to chain other human beings so as to frighten them. Nobody has a right to frighten you, not with ID cards or store cards for that matter. For if our so called protective police force can do what they did to Jean, what good is it to carry a card, for they will shoot first before they check your identity. Too late, the bullet is in, you are dead, gone. For that reason, and many other reasons, I will not be forced to have something that does not save me from being shot by police or terrorists.
florence durrant, 15 years ago.

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