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I see that it has been announced that anyone who has to go through a criminal records check, such as teachers or applicants for firearms certificates, may be compelled to have an ID card years before anyone else.,,...

As a legal firearms owner this just stiffens my resove to fight against ID cards. I have no objection to proving my identity to acquire firearms and ammunition, that is what my firearms certificate is for, but I fundamentally object to having to pay for additional unneeded documentation and having my firearms ownership linked to a general audit trail of my activities in the National Identity Register.

I am also very concerned indeed about the security implications of this. Providing a single - and inevitably hackable - register of where all the guns are in the UK is not a sensible idea for any government that actually cares about preserving public safety. But then if the government did care about such a thing, it would be spending the £18 billion earmarked for ID cards on security measures that might actually make a difference against crime and terrorism.
Stephen Thomas, 14 years ago.

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