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In yesterday’s Guardian there was a further interesting article from Simon Davies, director of Privacy International and one of the authors of the recent LSE Identity Project Report. Here is an extract:

“The current proposals for identity cards provide a sobering illustration of parliamentary malaise. Many Labour MPs voted originally for the identity cards bill despite grave misgivings. They warned the whips that the legislation was deeply flawed. The government promised the anxious MPs that the bill would receive a robust and thorough assessment if they voted for it in second reading. Yet when the bill went to committee after the vote, not one of the 200 or so opposition amendments was accepted. Debate was guillotined as the government steamrollered the bill through the committee.

This sad episode is the latest event in a litany of deception and secrecy surrounding the proposals. David Blunkett, as home secretary, refused point blank to answer the home affairs committee's questions on the scheme's cost.”

For the complete article, go to:
John Welford, 14 years ago.

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