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Re. organising opposition.

Here in Brighton & Hove a small number of us relaunched the NO2ID group in May by using well-tried techniques.

We set up a paste-table outside a local supermarket on a weekday afternoon. On all sides of the table we stuck some big and bold painted banners saying "Stop ID Cards. sign our petition"

And people did.

In fact people signed at a rate of one per minute, and we often had queues.

We now have around 1,000 signatures and nearly 250 who signed up to the email newsletter.

We also organised a local NO2ID meeting at a cafe just up the road from the supermarket.

Thirty-five people came along. We had a 15 minute introduction, a 25 minute quick-fire Q&A session and 15 minutes discussing local activities - more stalls, lobbing MPs etc.

This exercise has both set up a local NO2ID network in a small part of the city and totally rejuvenated the city-wide NO2ID group.

Andy Player, Brighton & Hove
Andy Player, 14 years ago.

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