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The group in your own area is the first step - well done Judith. The fact of the matter however is, if we are dealing with an unpredictable dictating liar like Tony Bliar and his croonies, a sense of humour sometimes helps to get people to relax. The ID card is just one of the many legislations that this government is purpoting to introduce or has already introduced with one aim: To make us all submit to him. This is a man who knows he has lost his game, from a Mr Popular, to a Mr Murderer. These last elections were proof enough for him. So what does a man do to save his skin - dictatorship is his only way out.

I do understand your concern regarding the conspiracies and theories, however judging by the number of people signing our pledge, something is attracting people to this pledge. The very first day when Ben, myself and another fellow campaigner stood in front of Lewisham library we were all nervous. It was the first for all of us, trying to convience people whose main priority is the daily survival (Lewisham is a deprived area) to stop and discuss about IDs was a daunting factor. Within the first ten minutes however, we had broken through, people were coming to our stand, just because those already by our stand had joined us in fun. We shared political jokes of what it means to be in Tony Blair's democracy. We recruited many who are now active members, got lots of support and plenty money.

Going back to your point of this latest scheme where Mr Bliar changes his mind to fit the mood, it is nothing new. All you can do is:
1. Get as much fact on this as you possibly can.
2. Analyse its downside and its relation to past experiences including why you feel it is just the same as this ID.
3. Lay it out on the table for discussion with your branch with a view of conviencing them of your analysis.
Just carry it from there, for you never know with Mr Bliar, by the time you have just done that, he would have changed his mind and introduced the ID cards in another version more obscure with more attractive offers to the general public. But what-ever you do, if it does not work do not despair, for this is something new to all of us and I can assure you for a fact that none of us has an answer. The answer I know for a fact is, if we mobilise as many people as we can against this legislation or any for that matter democratically and logically, it does not matter how we do it.
florence durrant, 14 years ago.

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