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Judith Chisholm:

I don't really see the problem, as regards forming an intelligent opposition to the passport-lite. The problem with the ID card scheme as a whole (for me at least) was never the cards themselves, but rather the compulsory taking and storing of vast quantities of personal data - so it's the database that's the problem, and this is surely still true of the passport-lite. If there are genuine problems with e.g. infringement of civil liberties and potential risks to insecurely stored personal data (quite apart from the time and cost involved) when this information is taken for ID cards, then how is this any less true if the same information is taken (ostensibly) for a different purpose? The key to fighting it is the same as the key to fighting the ID scheme: publicity. Reach as many people as possible, by any means possible, and publicise the problems. Easier said than done, I know, but not really any more so for this than for the ID scheme itself.
Nic Shakeshaft, 14 years ago.

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