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In response to Florence, I have already started a group last February in my area (a branch of the NO2ID national campaign). We began to organise a public meeting for October. However the government has moved the goalposts once more. It is for this specific reason that I want to know how the platform at such a meeting could envisage addressing the proposed 'passport-lite' To arouse people's ire and opposition by talking about terrorism,aliens,identity fraud, cost
numbering, tagging,etcetera, is now not an option as the government is, in its usual underhanded way (realising the strength of opposition to 'the little bit of plastic')now proposing a 'user-friendly non-confrontational' approach by linking the ID card (and database) to the passport which we all need and want. We can hardly have a platform of two MPs, one Union boss, one IT expert slamming the innocent-looking, cheap 'passport-lite',("a 'normal' passport with a few extra bits added on for 'your' security"!) and as someone rightly says,uninformed (that is,most) people may generally think it's not a bad idea. Therefore we have to think of another approach,and so far, I can't think of it.
Judith Chisholm, 14 years ago.

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