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The government have not satisfactorily defined what the benefits of the ID scheme are. The justification changes regularly as old ideas become discredited. There is no honest cost-benefit analysis in existence. This alone, given the expense we will all bear makes me think that this is a project which must be opposed.

Even if the benefits were fully costed and demonstrably useful in improving our security and reducing public sector costs, little thought has been given to protecting citizen privacy.

This has not been an issue before, as government did not have the facilty to "join up" all the information held by various departments about the citizen. With this scheme, they will, but I see no fundamental controls being placed on how the information will be used or abused. The sad thing is, if we were to be convinced of the need for such a card, it would be possible to construct the system with cryptographic safeguards that don't rely on a "like, you know, trust us, we're the good guys, honest..." mentality. And even if you were, what about the next lot?

History shows that liberties are easily removed by the judicious application of a little fear, and hard to win back.
matt palmer, 15 years ago.

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