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Just to add to your response Duanne, 'Nothing beats talking to people face to face, most people share our anger and frustration at this government, but are brow beaten to submission to be the first to stand up. All they need is someone fired up with a wide imagination like you Judith! So why not take the lead, not in writing, but by starting a group in your area, to discuss, dissect and analyse what could be in Tony Bliar's goodie bag in terms of his ID card agenda. After all, previous experience has all taught us that Tony Bliar is a man of Agendas for Destruction.'

Ben, a young lad started one group in Lewisham, all by himself and now he has built a wonderful network of all ages. Even I, feel humbled by his organisational and communication skills.
This is the best platform to find out from other people what to do should Mr Agenda for change, engage in the tactics you are talking about Judith, i.e. from real people who will make Mr Bliar win/fail, i.e. the ordinary man and woman walking along your street.

florence durrant, 15 years ago.

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