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In response to your post the only way to defeat the whole thing is from within, the establishment needs to be radically altered. (See my previous post)

Unfortunately we've now missed our window of opportunity for another three and a half years. The main problem we have is the apathetic general public who have this blinkered opinion that their single vote wont change anything.

NO2ID stated that they are a none partisan group before the last general election perhaps they should consider becoming a political party themselves?

Maybe the signatures on this list should consider forming our own party there are 11000 (and counting) of us after all. A few strategically placed candidates would ensure that we could get the required votes to at least get our money back. It would then raise a signal to the establishment that there are some of out here who can see what they're upto and are not prepared to be hearded along like cattle.

Duane Phillips, 14 years ago.

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