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But still no-one has addressed the specific question: if the ID database is sneaked in on the back of, inside, wrapped round, sandwiched between -- however you like to put it -- a PASSPORT, how are we the public to refuse to be part of the whole scam? We refuse = no 'passport-lite' = prisoner in our own country, until they've introduced the 'passport-liter-still' which will be a permit to NOT have to have a passport, and still get us tagged and numbered. Once they have abandoned the lie (which they appear to have done) that the initially suggested ID card (piece of plastic with hidden database) would be the magic wand to make everything nasty disappear, they only needed to think of a seemingly non-confrontational way of dragging us into the net --- haven't they found it by linking ID and database to something we all need - a passport? How do we counter this specific proposal?
Judith Chisholm, 14 years ago.

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