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In reply to Duane:

This needs a bit of clarification. The issue is over secondary legislation, which the government cannot use the Parliament Act on. What the article you quote says is that the government may take out the requirement in the existing Bill for the House of Lords to be involved in passing secondary legislation that will make ID cards compulsory, because the Lords will block their attempts to do so. The Parliament Act could not be invoked in that situation, as it only applies to primary legislation. There are other ways the government can get around this, but I've seen no signs of it ... yet!
Jeremy Wickins,
PhD Researcher, Biometrics and Social Exclusion,
Sheffield Institute of Biotechnological Law and Ethics (SIBLE),
Department of Law,
University of Sheffield,
169/171, Northumberland Road,
Sheffield. S10 1DF
Jeremy Wickins, 15 years ago.

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