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This nice little letter in the FT yesterday may give some kind of lead, although not everybody will be happy with the idea of private companies providing certificates of personal identity as a business, which is basically what he's mooting:

"So how come no one has thought of secure ID before?

Sir, So the government's latest line is that identity cards are justified by the benefits to us as individuals. In that case, why must they be government-issued and compulsory?

If I bought ID voluntarily from a private sector provider, and found they were too nosey, expensive, useless, indiscreet or insecure, then I could change provider or cancel the service completely. If they really made a mess, I could even sue them. Such safeguards would not exist with a government-mandated card.

Come to think of it, if secure ID is so useful, how come there isn't already a thriving market?

Rob Findlay"
Denis Cooper, 14 years ago.

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