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I now believe that the way to beat this is to do what were doing by rising up, raising our voices and saying "NO". I also think that the time is now right for a new group of politicians to step forward and fight this from within.

What I believe we need is a new political party that is prepared to fight for the rights of the people, common sense and true justice (not secret courts run behind closed doors. Justice must be seen to be done). We need a party that will not succumb to corruption and power which seems to affect those that become part of the Westminster Village.

This country needs a strong incorruptible leader one who isn't in the pockets of industry (drugs,petro-chemical, etc) one who will not side with those who are blatently wrong (taking us to war on a false premise, and antagonising others in the process) one who will stand our corner instead of compromising and taking this country places it's people do not want to go. We need a leader who only has the interests of his people at heart instead of the what's in it for me (and what can my wife get out of it too) philosophy.

I want my Great Britain back. The Great Britain I was proud of as a child instead of this sorry land I now happen to live in. We've had a regime change in Iraq perhaps its time for one in this country. Parliament needs shaking up but it has to be lead by the people. Proportional representation is a good place to start (see Brian Eno's pledge) as it will stop MPs from taking their positions for granted. Parliament is there to serve not rule. The people don't need ID cards, the people don't want biometric passports so Parliament should just back off and listen.

In todays climate the above is probably considered treacherous so is anyone on the list any good at baking cakes with files in?
Duane Phillips, 14 years ago.

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