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Isn't anyone else but me profoundly worried by the ease with which Bliar's lot have airbrushed out all the tub-thumping anti-ID card issues
- terrorism,asylum seekers,cost,fingerprinting,iris-scanning,identity fraud....all of which could be explained to people and arouse their condemnation, and replaced them with the 'passport-lite'which sounds so necessary, innocent, reasonable (just a few extra bits added on like fingerprints - to help with terrorism, you requirements!") Of course, we know fingerprints on passports are not international requirements, all they require is a biometric (a digital photograph), and that the extra bits are Bliar's idea. BUT, how do we demolish the insiduous, piecemeal acquirement by the government of all citizens' details for their database just the same, as and when people need to renew, or apply for, a passport? Equally, now that the rug has been pulled from under us in terms of opposition to ID cards that people can relate to (the big issues, including civil liberty) how do we counter the "voluntary" acquisition of the "new" passport, which gives them all they want to know anyway? And, what is our platform in terms of demolishing the 'passport-lite'? If they use chip and pin (which they are suggesting) then this makes the 'passport-lite' even more cosy and familiar and acceptable to the public. Quite honestly, I can't think round this one. How do we deal with it?
Judith Chisholm, 14 years ago.

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