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I agree totally with you wholeheartedly, we happily gave everything about ourselves to the state a long time ago. Call it census, surveys, passports, bank details, DV, all done with a big smile, for nanny state knows best! Why on earth do they still want some more, and why are we still prepared to give it to them?

Credit to those who fought and died centuries before us, for this is exactly what they were fighting to preserve, being owned by another person under the guise of a state owned 'databank'. How can you, i ask man/woman give yourself away so willingly to another man/woman? What is it that he/she has, that you do not have? Or is it that as a people/society we get pleasure in being told what to do, how to do it, where to go, how to get there?

Putting these conditions based on having an ID just indicates how dubious and uncanny the whole scheme is. Surely if it is for my own protection, I should not be penalised for not having one, if I choose not to be protected by a plastic card. Let us not allow amnesia to control us, for these identity states have been around before, with just one divide us as a people for the benefit of the ruling conglomerates who measure their success on earth by their exploiting powers.

My option stands, 'it will be war first' before they pin me down.

florence durrant, 15 years ago.

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