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The literary work of 1984 from George Orwell was titled a few decades prematurely if you ask me.

It's nice to see the amount of people in our country that actually realise when proposed schemes like this seriously infringe on our freedoms and privacy.

It's easy for some to label these people as over-reacting, but these issues are real, and they are present. We've all heard the old saying "Power corrupts, and absoloute power corrupts absoloutely", well schemes like this only give more and more power to a governmental system becoming increasingly corrupted by it. If something isn't done about the situation, I have little doubt it will snowball and eventually reach a stage where nothing aside from a bloody revoloution will change anything.

When we stop protesting and opposing potentially dangerous schemes such as this, we have already lost the battle for, and arguably no longer deserve our freedom.

As a side note, the thing that makes me sick about the whole situation as a whole comes from discussing the events surrounding "9/11" at the time. All the worst things I heard from people during these discussions about how it would affect both the US and it's allies' citizens are starting to ring true. The media hyping the whole terrorism threat up to the point of insanity, and governments using it as spin to sneak in new laws and amendments which ultimately are serving no purpose than to erode the very things we, as a democratic and free nation, are supposed to stand for. When a governmental body starts to use fear (in this case: of terrorist attacks) as it's primary tactic for convincing the population of it's need to have more power, you know there is a serious problem brewing.

The National ID card system is a huge waste of our money that could be so much better spent in a myriad of public service areas, rather than be funelled into private sector interests. It will quite clearly be open to abuse and technical issues which will cause many problems, and most of all, we just DO NOT NEED IT.

I urge everyone who reads this to pledge towards this cause, or at the very least seriously consider this issue, read into it more, discuss it with your friends down the pub, whatever it takes to keep this in the public spotlight. Contrary to some beliefs, we do have the power to change things, we just have to be motivated to do so.
Ross, 15 years ago.

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