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How encouraging it is to see in today’s news that the government is at last admitting that it has oversold its case for ID cards. For it is conceding that they will not prove a panacea for fraud, terrorism or the abuse of public services. So now that they have lost the argument over the benefits of ID cards to the state, what can they possibly do next? No problem at all, for, according to Home Office minister Tony McNulty they are going to switch the argument yet once more - this time, quite naturally, to emphasize the benefits to the individual citizen!

Labour spinners must now be licking their lips at all the promotional possibilities. And if you want to gain some idea of how Labour might now start to promote ID cards there’s an amusing piece on the ‘Orwell Today’ website entitled ‘Scans-U-Right - For Those Who Have Nothing to Hide’. The minor disadvantage of this particular scheme is that you have to have your personal ID number barcoded and tattooed onto your forehead.

But once this is done, you then get all the fantastic benefits, and everyone is guaranteed to be a winner! In particular, there will be substantial discounts and priority processing on all kinds of services, from speedy airline tickets to sporting events. Plus there will no longer be any need to carry credit cards, cash or a driving licence - Scans-U-Right will do it all for you.

For more on these not-to-be-missed promotional possibilities (Downing Street please note), go to:
John Welford, 14 years ago.

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