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Death to the New World Order. Long live liberty! Realise, my friends, that if you do not rise up and fight then you will soon be living in a global fascist state. Freedom is EXCEPTIONAL - it is not the rule of history. Tyranny, despotism, oppression, these evils are the stuff of history. Look back: 99/100ths of human history has been a vicious, unmitigated bloodbath, the weak being sacrificed ruthlessly for the vile gains of power.

If we lose freedom now, if we let that rare gem fall from our hands, we may never recover liberty, may never be free again. All governments, as a rule, seek to increase the horizons of their powers. Every government in history has sought to dominate, to conquer, to control. Every government - however benign it may seem - is in a conspiracy against its people. ID cards should be seen within a wider context of power naturally tending toward its own expansion.

If we give up our freedom, if we lie die and allow power to crush us, we deserve the Orwellian hell, the fascist nighttmare, that we will, without question, get.
Daniel Ryder, 15 years ago.

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