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My solid belief in life is that 'united we stand and devided we fall'. We cannot afford to fall on this issue or any other issues posed by this government whose main aim is to introduce as many legislations it possibly can within a very short time, so as to oppress us and take away our civil liberties. Tony Blair would love us to get into this petty squable over who said what theory or conspiracy, where and when, as it gives him the opportunity to regroup his croonies whilst we are side tracked by our petty squables.

I am never one with solutions, but my suggestions here would be;
- to respect the website for what it is
- to accommodate people with wider views to say it on this site.
For you never know what will influence someone who is apathetic about the ID cards but passionate about brave Brian being refused the civil right to demonstrate in Parliament square, to be won over on the ID card issue. As I believe, this is an open and honest debate, I have learnt a lot about some of these conspiracy theories, something I damn well know that I would never have read in detail had I not come accross it on this site first.

This is my personal view, from personal experience. I believe that we are in this state of degeneration as a people and as a society, because we love to tittle tattle over the irrelevant instead of engaging in constructive practicalities. We spend hours going on about 'who said what, when, where and how, whilst the politicians get on with their draconian laws.' As adults, we should be spending more quality time conviencing those friends and relatives who refuse to sign this pledge because they disagree with a theory, rather than spending hours criticising each other on who wrote what and how. Good sense will tell someone with common sense who does not agree with the introduction of the ID cards, to disregard the difference and sign the pledge otherwise he/she is wasting her rights. If you disagree with someone, surely you cannot refuse to get in the same train with him/her if you are travelling to the same destination.

Let us give credit where it is deserved. People like Veronica and Duanne have kept some of us well informed and given some of us a wider view of the implications of living in a control freak state. They do their research, we may or may not agree with the conclusive hypothesis of a particular research, but that is research for you.

Personally, I am not discouraged by the decline in the signatories. This is because:
1. We have reached our target - more is best of course.
2. In Lewisham we are endlessly leafleting and having stalls where we engage in discussions and debates with real people face to face. Issues of discussions do not just revolve around ID cards, but include issues related to other draconian laws and wars. Overall the majority agree with us. Not all these people use the internet.
3. In my bag I always carry the NO2ID leaflets, ready to discuss with anyone if the opportunity arises.

Finally, for what-ever it takes, let us do this democratically, logically and spread the net so that we catch as many fish as we can using 'whatever means necessary'. For a devided house always falls apart.

Florence aka Warrior
florence, 14 years ago.

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