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I'd like to second Nic Shakeshaft's comment.

The strength of this campaign lies in the broad spectrum of people who are united behind it.

Please let's focus on what unites us, not any differences we may have.

I'm sure I would disagree with some other signatories on foreign policy, gun control, police powers of arrest, or all sorts of other issues. That doesn't matter. There are also many reasons to oppose ID cards (civil liberties, risk of ID theft, waste of public money, individual cost etc). Again, it genuinely doesn't matter why each of us opposes ID cards. The important thing is that we all do, that we act together, and that we do our best to encourage others to join us, regardless of their other views.

I'm about to write to my local newspaper about the pledge. If you're reading this and thinking about posting a comment, can I suggest that you take an extra 2 minutes and also write to your local paper?

Onwards to the next 10,000 signatories!
Andrew Watson, 14 years ago.

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