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Tez - this was the ‘Any Questions’ from Deddington in Oxfordshire that you refer to. But it was indeed especially heartening since this was broadcast on the 8th July, i.e. the day immediately following the London bombings. This is how I reported it in my earlier mailing of 10 July:

“There was an interesting straw in the wind during the ‘Any Questions’ Radio 4 programme from the village of Deddington in Oxfordshire on Friday evening. One inevitable question raised was whether ID cards would have helped to prevent the London bombings. All four panellists, including government minister Alan Johnson, were in agreement that they would not have helped. But, interestingly, following the discussion, chairman Jonathan Dimbleby put the question to the assembled audience: “Who favours ID cards?” According to Dimbleby, the response was that “an overwhelming number oppose ID cards”. And remarkably this strong antipathy was expressed on the day immediately following the London bombings, when you might have expected there to have been more equivocation.”
John Welford, 14 years ago.

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