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Well one thing has been proven with this afternoon's volley of comments, their are still people out there alive and paying attention.

What we all agree on is that ID cards along with their underlying database are a bad idea. That fact at least unites us again a common enemy.

As for anything else, well we all have various ideas as to what other underhanded and sneaky plans those in Westminster village have got in store for us. Some of us may wish to just see the job in hand and remain focused upon it, while others are looking at the broader picture as to where the next assault will come from.

ID cards do on a whole fit into a bigger picture of control. What the final picture is of is open to debate. Some may see the picture as a field of fluffy lambs tended to by a caring shepheard other may see a picture of demons and other horrors. Which ever picture you see the common theme is control and restriction of free will.

We must all stand united for the common cause and against the common enemy.
Duane Phillips, 14 years ago.

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