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“Thanks for the pledge info. I don't think I'll sign. Not too impressed with the contents of the website. A bunch of self-centred oddballs.”

This was the disappointing response I received from a good, fairly level-headed friend back in June after I’d urged them to sign our pledge.

The case against the government’s ID card project is very strong: just read the LSE report’s conclusions if you doubt this. Secondly, when people are presented with the simple unvarnished facts about ID cards they invariably come out strongly against them. This was evidenced during the most recent Radio 4 ‘Any Questions’ programme, when following an audience vote Jonathan Dimbleby stated that “an overwhelming number oppose ID cards”. Everything therefore appears to be going our way.

However, if the government is set on undermining the views of NO2ID and this pledge it clearly has two main strategies at its disposal. Firstly, it can try to weaken the strong case that’s being presented by diverting the debate into other less relevant areas. Secondly, it can try to malign NO2ID supporters in whatever way it can, for example, by presenting them as irresponsible, non-representative and extremist.

Therefore if we wish to win the argument and see the ID card proposals defeated then we must resist such strategies and not fall into any government traps. Instead we need to stay with our central strong case and argue this cogently and persistently. The wind is blowing in our direction, and so it ought to be very simple! So let’s sharpen up, aim to consolidate our support and go for the next 10,000 signatures.
John Welford, 14 years ago.

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