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Veronica Chapman:


With respect, I really don't think I was. I made it perfectly clear that I am making no comment whatsoever about the validity of your arguments - I know no more about this than anyone else, so fully accept of course that my views and ideas are no more valuable than any other. I'm simply suggesting that the campaign against ID cards is so important that it is worth doing whatever is necessary to get lots of people to sign up - and if that means presenting first and foremost the ideas with which they are most likely to agree readily, with a minimum of persuasion, then that is what we should do. To put it bluntly, Blair et al show no hesitation in doing this, and you have to ask yourself whether you're really prepared to let him win by refusing to play the same game.

>If people are 'driven away' by the
>truth, then they would not be involved
>for the right reasons, I suggest.

If people sign this pledge and support the fight, then why does it matter whether their reasons for doing so are what you consider the 'right' ones? The first thing must be to ensure that we win - there will be plenty of time to try to gather support for other causes and ideas when that end is achieved.

>I notice you say, in your comment that
>you are not going to argue with me
>because "it genuinely doesn't matter".

"...for present purposes...", I said.

To use your analogy of the crumbling wall, the first thing to do is to avert the current danger and stop the house from collapsing - worrying about what caused the danger, and how to prevent it from happening again, comes afterwards.

I am sorry if I caused you offence. It was unintentional.
Nic Shakeshaft, 14 years ago.

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