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Veronica Chapman: The idea of reporting Nic Shakeshaft's comment as 'abusive' is ridiculous. His comment was polite, appropriate, and did not attack you personally. Your response, on the other hand, was rude, paranoid, and entirely over the top. Feel free to carry on with your conspiracy theories, but I agree with Nic that they are NOT the point here. Whether you think a group of Freemasons are planning to take over the world or not, saying so will NOT encourage moderate people to sign this pledge, and it will NOT draw people to our side. You must surely accept that the majority of people don't believe such conspiracy theories, especially without proof - and despite claiming cast-iron proof on your website, you never once offer any hard data.

I don't care whether your conspiracy theory is correct or not. I care about freedom and civil liberty, and as such, about ID Cards. This pledge is NOT the place for you to air your personal beliefs and grievances - you have your own website for that. That isn't curtailing your free speech - you can say what you like. All Nic, myself and various others are respectfully *requesting* is that you don't prejudice possible allies in the fight against ID cards by making us all sound like a bunch of fanatics.

Thank you.
Kerry Schofield, 15 years ago.

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