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I think Nic's comments were pretty fair and I know I certainly agree with the sentiments behind them. I think that the comments on this pledge need to reflect the moderate views as well as the slightly more extreme ones. So him making one comment, (as opposed to daily ones!) is fair. In-fighting is not the idea and I feel that the reply above is uncessarily aggressive. It comes across as 'if you don't 100% agree with me, then you're against me' but I genuinely don't believe that that is how they were intended.

Nic's comments echo previous attempts on here by myself and others to try and make this particular pledge more accessible to the 'mainstream' reader. It's a brilliant thing that so many people want to discuss the issue, but maybe those of us from a more moderate standpoint should say more and then the opinions conveyed from comments would be wider. Then everyone gets two put in their penny's worth but everyone is represented!

We're all after the same thing - we just have different ways of persauding people how dangerous ID cards are!
Ellen, 15 years ago.

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