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Nic Shakeshaft (and other 'self-appointed Censors'):

Have you ever heard of 'free speech'?

I could report your comments as abusive to me, but in the interests of free speech, I won't of course. Instead I'll use the civilised course of 'rebuttal'.

Have we become a nation that cannot stand to hear the truth? This is, of course, the implication of your point about my comments 'driving people away'.

Is it really necessary to remind you which part of the anatomy of an ostrich is most exposed, when its head is buried in the sand?

If people are 'driven away' by the truth, then they would not be involved for the right reasons, I suggest.

Which is more important: To understand the reasons behind the crumbling of the wall, or to simply contemplate the £93 cost of some new wallpaper?

With regard to Conspiracy Theories, please get your facts straight. Every single news item you ever read, or saw on TV, is - BY DEFINITION - Conspiracy Theory.

The question isn't "Whether or not to listen to Conspiracy Theories" because you cannot avoid them.

The only question is, I suggest, "Which to believe"? The 'Chinese whispers' promulgated by Mainstream Media, or the truth as properly researched?

I further suggest that if you, or anyone else, has anything to say to me, then you do it personally. My e-mail address is available via the 1984 Brigade WebSite.

I notice you say, in your comment that you are not going to argue with me because "it genuinely doesn't matter". Sorry, Nic - that's simply YOUR OPINION. In my opinion (and many others) IT GENUINELY DOES MATTER.
Veronica Chapman, 14 years ago.

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