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It's been a long time since anyone made this point on this forum, so I thought it worth repeating: In order to stand any chance of drawing a large number of people into signing this pledge (which obviously we need if it is to succeed in its aims), we really, really need to keep the conspiracy theories to a minimum.

Veronica Chapman (among others): Please don't think I'm getting at you, because I'm not - we're all on the same side here. I know you think you have good evidence for what you believe, and I'm not going to argue with you, because for present purposes it genuinely *doesn't matter* whether you're right or not. You realise, of course, that there are a lot of people who will not agree with you, and the simple fact is that many of them will be taking one look at this forum, reading some of the more extreme theories being presented, and will run away, convinced that we're all insane. Like I say, I'm not making any comment about whether you're right or not, I'm just saying we need to focus on the more 'moderate' angle (e.g. the human rights issues and the technical problems of implementation) if we're going to have any chance of success.
Nic Shakeshaft, 14 years ago.

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