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Duane, Chris, John Welford:

I think you all seem to be a little 'behind the times'.

1) The US Senate passed the Real ID Card Act earlier this year. It 'Federalises' a single ID Card for all US Citizens.

2) Sweden has ID Cards already.

3) The US Senate passed the CAFTA legislation last Friday. This integrates Canada + US + Mexico as one big 'North American Union/Super-State'. Paul Martin (Canada) and Vincente Fox (Mexico) are fans of G W Bush.

4) Australia are now exhuming their once-failed ID Card legislation in the light of the London Bombings. John Howard (Australia) is a fan of G W Bush.

Actually, of course, what binds Tony Blair, Dubya, Howard, Martin, Fox, Hillary Clinton et al. together is their fanship of Rupert Murdoch (Prop: The Times, The Sun, Fox News, Sky).

There is no-where to run, and no-where to hide from the New World Order.

The only thing to do is to dig in your heels, stand up on your hind legs, and FIGHT YOUR CORNER. And the best predictions are that we only have about 5 years left in which to do that because their 'grid' is almost in place.
Veronica Chapman, 15 years ago.

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