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Two interesting quotes from the LSE report which concern the potential for ID card forgery. The first relates to a country that doesn’t as yet have ID cards: “The potential for forgery and fraud is one of the most persuasive arguments against identity cards in the United States.” (p 115)

The second quote relates to a country which does have ID cards: “This year the Israeli government estimated that “hundreds of thousands” of fake ID cards are in the hands of its population.” (p 169)

So not much comfort there for those who present the ID card as being the universal panacea for every problem. And especially perhaps for those of us, such as the elderly and small businesses, who lacking online verification facilities, will be as vulnerable to conning as ever.

However, our government will not be too concerned about a little bit of forgery here and there, or indeed the fate of the elderly or small businesses. For the creation of ID cards is ultimately of secondary importance, and is merely the cover. Their primary objective, of course, is to uniquely number every citizen and create their much desired database state.
John Welford, 14 years ago.

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