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United States
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UK citizens are already tracked 24/7 whnever they travel - car number plate camera recongition systems UK wide now, under the pose as cutting crime, but allow the state to track your every journey. I wonder if we will be forced to have satellite black boxes installed in or cars too in ten years time - they say we will. So they will bill you by the mile then and track us all 24/7 just like slaves/scum criminals.

It was not Tony Blair is consitently PROMISED NEVER to introduce ID cards both before 9/11 and after? It most cetainly was! Because of the huge opposition faced from UK citizens.

The only time we had ID cards was during WW2 and they were scrapped shortly after because people felt it invaded their privacy, it seems the government valued such privacy and freedom at that period of time.
Aaron, 15 years ago.

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