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You appear to imagine that Cherie Blair is possibly the re-incarnation of Mother Theresa. If you recall it came to light, during "Cheriegate", that she makes her decisions based on Astrology, with help from her dear friend Carole Caplin - (at the time) partnered with Aussie conman Peter Foster, who arranged the questionable purchase of the two flats in Bristol. Was this the example of Cherie's record on 'human rights'?

You see, Zarina, words are cheap, "actions" are what tells the real story.

I think you will find that Ms. Booth is married to the man who wants to foist an unnecessary ID Card on you, wants your DNA, and all of your personal information that he can sell at a huge profit, has an inconceivable amount of fresh human blood (of many Nationalities) on his conscience (presumably). She is married to this consummate doctor of spin and bender of truths.

I think you will find that she is leading you right up the garden path, without a paddle (if you will excuse a few mixed metaphors).

Her husband knows that 'the game is up' ... for him. He now has too much (publicly) dirty linen to his name. His election victory in May 2005 was seriously worse than he thought. It is sufficient to 'carry on', but nothing like what he would have wished. His support is very much on the downturn.

In fact, he is very much in the same situation as Clinton after his (Clinton's) second term i.e. a 'dead horse', a 'lame duck'

So - what is Clinton doing about it? "Hillary for President in 2008!!!!" is the current battle cry.

All of this PR, that you seem to be falling for, is obviously leading up to "Cherie for Prime Minister!!!".

At that point the ex-Labourites suddenly wake up, flock back, go back to sleep, and Tony's masterplan carries on under a new name."

Duane Phillips, 14 years ago.

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