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Last night in the five minute Political Slot on Channel 4 “Siobhain McDonagh, Labour MP, demonstrated the need for ID cards in her own constituency of Mitcham and Morden.”

And this proved to be spooky stuff indeed, providing chilling reminiscences of Don Siegel’s 1956 film ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’. McDonagh interviewed a teenager and also three of her supposed constituents, all of whom were, of course, completely ‘on message’ and unquestioningly in favour of ID cards. The following were the main points raised:

“An ID card would cut out the hassle of proving who you are.”
“I have nothing to hide.”
“Carrying ID cards should be compulsory for everyone.”
“They will help police detect crime - and particularly organised crime.”
“ID cards will help to prevent multiple identities.”
“They will hopefully help us to clean up our streets, making them safer for young people.”
“This is not a new idea - we used ID cards during the war, and they did a lot of good.”
“They will put a stop to old people getting conned.”
“They will provide a stand against the something for nothing society. Everybody should play by the same rules.” (This final bizarre utterance appropriately coming from the MP herself.)

So the usual unquestioning and unquestioned stuff was trotted out. Meanwhile, there was not a word uttered about costs, computers, failed IT projects, the National Identity Register, the unique personal identifier, biometrics, penalties for non-compliance, invasion of privacy, function creep, the police state, 1984 and George Orwell. This programme therefore revealed a new staggering level of political deception by the Labour party, demonstrating its shameless disregard for the truth and complete disdain for UK citizens. Such a menace in our midst needs to be roundly opposed by every concerned, responsible citizen. For George Orwell’s 1984 was all about comprehensive state dishonesty ... and here we are living with it now.
John Welford, 14 years ago.

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