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To Ibrahim Sadiq :

1) Has anyone considered a national advertising campaign?

I'm sure lots of people on here think that a national advertising campaign would be wonderful. The big problem is cost. To raise funds and ensure your advert hits the target audience costs big bucks. We're trying to raise the profile of what is really going on in the world over at (blatent plug!). We're currently developing a webcast to make our voices heard out across the internet. If anyone wants a slot in our broadcast to shout about ID cards please drop me a line and get involved. Even doing things on a shoe string budget still costs money plus time and effort.

2) Does anyone think it’s a good idea to get unions on side?

The unions have little or no power and some of them just tow the labour party line. Also a lot of employers fail to recognise unions these days.

3) The government is saying that people may not be able to work without an ID card number if we could find businesses to employ people cash-in-hand.....?

Sticky wicket that one. I assume employers will be duty bound to record details of both employees and contractors so you'll still need an ID card. Even today your accounts would show an outgoing of cash and the Revenue will want records of where it is going.
Duane Phillips, 14 years ago.

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