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Anony Moose wrote:

"wont the goverment be able to read all our names of this register and use it for there own wicked ways??"

I'm sure there is some government nark somewhere keeping a list of names and numbers of people on this list.

Fortunately we live in a land of free speech, a land which belongs to the great and the good, a land who's government respects the rights of it's citizens. If you believe that you must also believe that pigs can fly and the moon is made out of cream cheese.

Who's to say that anyone on this list is using their real name? I could be using that of my neighbour's? A list of names like this on it's own is usless.

Stand up, sign up and be counted. United we stand to defeat this opression and tyranny.
Duane Phillips, 14 years ago.

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