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Deane Philips said :
"Phew - thank goodness for that! As long as I SAY that I'm THX17463M, I must BE THX17463M mustn't I"

That is my biggest objection to an ID card. Once there is a number like that it will be automatically used by every bank, insurance company, employer, educational establishemnt, Government Department and a lot of et ceteras.

I spend a lot of time in Spain where they demand your ID before you can put a classified ad in the local paper ot join a social club. Recently, when buying a long distance coach ticket, I was asked for my ID number. I refused to give it until a good reason was given. The clerk shrugged and left it blank.

I don't think I would have much objection to an ID card that did not have a number.
Steven Walker, 14 years ago.

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