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United States
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1.the usa must not be involved in the production of the ID CARD.
2.the usa is a foreign country, a country to which we are allied, but still a foreign country.
3. it is not an escape clause to let them produce the cards via a company set up in the uk for that purpose, the final owner shall still be a usa based company.
4. usa based computer companies have messed up at least 2 major contracts for the british govt. agencies.
The inland revenue, and the child support agency would wish they never heard of the usa computer companies, as they are getting all the flack thrown about regarding various failings of the programs.
5. No commercial entity of any type should be allowed to gain any of the information given in the data base.
it is not enough to say that they would charge for the info. as the service or financial companies shall just pass on the cost in hidden fees.
The All Seeing Eye, 15 years ago.

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