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"Asshole" wrote: "You oppose making it possible to correctly identify people ..."

Not so. Speaking for myself, I already have two perfectly good forms of government-issued photo ID, namely my passport and driving licence. I have no objection to being correctly identified using them.

I oppose being forced to pay £100 (or more) for a third, completely-unnecessary piece of government-issued ID.

I oppose the government spending upwards £6bn of our money on this, when this would pay for 10,000 policemen or 200 large hospitals, both of which are sorely needed. I strongly suspect that the costs will escalate far beyond £6bn.

I oppose the government gathering a huge amount of information about me in one database, where it would be a prime target for criminals to steal and abuse.

I oppose the introduction of a single National Identity Register Number (NIRN), which would assist identity thieves, not hinder them.

I oppose the suggestion that I should have to use an identity card whenever I access government services or spend more than £100 in the shops.

In short, I oppose the government creating this white elephant for its own convenience, despite the huge inconvenience it will cause me (and every other UK resident) every day.

I signed this pledge to remind the government that it exists to serve me, not the other way around. I have no objection to being correctly identified when necessary. I strongly object to being tracked, tagged and electronically followed in my daily life.
Andrew Watson, 14 years ago.

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