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I hear that the Child Support Agency is criticised in yet another report today and that Lord Hunt is still blaming IT problems. The CSA has been up and running for 12 years and deals with about 10% of the population. Quite apart from the human rights issues which form the basis of my objections to ID cards, what expectation can there be that the infinitely more complex IT scheme on which their efficacy will depend can ever work - even at a national level, let alone a European or global level?

On the specific issue of crime reduction, I became a victim of criminal fraud earlier this year. I know who did it, where they live and their phone number. I have a file of evidence that I've offered to the police but beyond being issued with a crime number, I've heard no more. They regularly claim a lack of resources (my own view is that their resources are mis-directed) - what resouces will be needed to police any new ID system, where will they come from and bearing in mind that identity is not an issue in my own particular case, what guarantee is there that ID cards can offer a reduction in crime or, at worst, an improvement in prosecuting offenders?
John, 14 years ago.

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