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In answer to Veronica's comment about the 'insidious and odious spin' that Blair is a master of, and the implication that because the "bombers" (I call them terrorists and murderers) were "British" then, bingo! British people can be "bombers", therefore British people need ID cards: the murderers had ID cards (or the equivalent) on them when they blew themselves and others up. The possession of ID didn't stop them committing their heinous crimes. On the contrary, if we are to believe the authorities, they seemed to have taken great care that their identities should be known after the event. So how does possession of an ID card or being on the world's biggest database stop terrorism?

Even if they had intended to not be one of the victims (and there is some debate that their bombs were primed to go off before they could escape) -- they would have escaped with their ID, and still have committed the crime.

But to deal with facts: to my mind, the finding of the ID on their bodies deals a body blow to the whole idea of ID preventing terrorism.
Judith Chisholm, 14 years ago.

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