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The biometrics scanners are being installed in airports. To the best of my recollection (I haven't checked) but I remember reading a report that there is a preliminary installation in one of the UK airports. There are certainly installations at 4 US International airports.

It would be hard to imagine a qualified medical practicioner standing by, anymore than there will be one standing by in the Passport Office, etc.

These devices are intended to be operated by 'anyone and everyone trained to use it'. To use IT ... not trained 'medically'.

That is what is so arrogantly and unbelievably ridiculous about the whole scheme.

The proposed UK Scheme does not compare - in any way - with other ID Card schemes that have been previously implemented worldwide. They do not use biometrics, they are just small cards equivalent to our Driving Licence.

And I refuse to partake in this under any circumstances.

(Yes ... talk about the 'blind leading the (potentially) blinded')
Veronica Chapman, 15 years ago.

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