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The 'mind-control' - via 'spin' - is very subtle.

One of Blair's initial reactions to the London Bombings (before the Press announced their Guilty Verdict) was (quote) "one of surprise that the bombers were British".

That is very subtle, because top of his agenda is ID Cards + add-ons, and he knows there is serious resistance to this. Many in the 'resistance' are most offended at being British ... while at the same time being 'thought guilty', and being told they therefore need an ID Card.

That is the subtlety in Blair's remark.

He is saying, in his insidious and odious way, "There! You see! We need ID Cards for British people ... because the 'bombers' were BRITISH. Even British people can become suicide bombers, as proved by this event".

Is that not his underlying (or should I say just simply 'lying') message? Obviously any right-thinking person knows that this logic makes not one jot of sense were it to be scrutinised, but Blair operates under the general assumption that no-one (of any significance or consequence) ever bothers to scrutinise. And in that he is, of course, absolutely right because everyone of consequence immediately goes back 'on message'.

(IMHO) We really need to 'wise-up' to this sort of spin.
Veronica Chapman, 14 years ago.

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