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To Chris Godfrey,

Your lack of faith disturbs me ;o) It's all a matter of vision. Think of all the ways that 10000 people can clog up the system....

Writing a letter saying you've been excused the need for an id card that'll waste a week while some government drone tries to valid your story. 10000 people do the same it chokes up the system then you write a letter telling them you cant make the appointment as you'll be on holiday and 10000 people do the same and so on.

Then you eventually turn up at the yellow star issuing centre with the wrong documents and 10000 people do the same. What is this going to cost the government?

Then we go and sit down at the end of Downing Street causing chaos on the streets of London and 10000 other people join us. What they going to do lock us all up?

An idividual is relatively powerless 10000 of us can cause havoc without even trying.
Duane Phillips, 14 years ago.

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