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To Ibrahim Sadiq,

10000 is a relatively small number but image in the 20000+ wasted hours we're going to cause if we have to start our civil disobedience.

In terms of project managemnt Phil has done a grand job pulling everyone together. The refuse "project" was a project managers dream in that it was SMART.

Time Bound.

Specific in terms of what this pledge set out to do.

Measurable in terms of the number of people theat were needed.

Attainable in that over the time scale 10000 people should have been a target that could be reached.

Realistic in that 1000000 people is an unrealistic target in the time scale available due to the apathy that the general population of this country seems to suffer from.

Time bound the 9th of October was chosen so that information could be collated before the MPs return to the mad house.

A pledge requiring 1000000 subcribers would be difficult to achieve in a time scale before MP's start deciding where they are going with ID cards and passing laws. Besides which the number of pledges would slow down over time and so impact on moral.

10000 people with the right motivation can raise absolute chaos.

NO to ID, NO to the database state.
Duane Phillips, 14 years ago.

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