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This Government seems to have forgotten their job is to Govern not to RULE. I want my Government to empty the bins and keep the streets clear, not to tell me where I should and should not be.

I.D cards are all about controlling honest citizens. Terrorists and criminals will get around the system, it is part of their job. A terrorist can afford the 150K it might take to get round the system. ID cards are all about the powers that be knowing where to find you if you've not paid a parking ticket, TV licenses or your council tax. When they have a electronic chip in your car as well as in your phone, they'll even know where you are every minute of the day.

In my view:

Spain had I.D cards but this did not stop the Madrid Bombers. Spending Billion of pounds on a UK I.D card system just so the government can claim that "they are doing something" is a fraud. Why not use the money for bomb sniffer dogs on the entry point to all underground stations?

Once Terrorists have fake I.D cards, they can go and do anything they like. I think I.D cards will encourage lazy police enforcement. "BEEP" and your through the security check, rather than, "I wonder why he's got 30 pounds of Semtex strapped around his waist and headed for Central London!! - Oh well never mind, back to the crossword and my jam donut".

I've heard many times that carrying your ID card will not be compulsory but you'll be given 24 hours to produce it …. I think your average terrorist will scarper before then, whilst you and me will have to be down the station 8am sharp with our papers to the ready.

In George Orwell's 1984, Big Brother maintains power over it people by being at perpetual war with it neighbors. In this way Big Brother forces the population to sacrifice their civil liberties in order to protect the people from these outside powers. Will the "War on Terror" ever be won? Will this Government ask us to sacrifice further liberties for the sake of "security"? There is a balance between freedom and security, otherwise why not lock us all in our houses, then we'd all be totally safe from harms way.

I.D card and its associated database will be like honey to be a bear. Every organized criminal gang in the world will be desperately trying to hack their way into the database to get all this info in one fell swoop so they can empty your bank account amongst other things. "All your eggs in one basket" springs to mind. Hackers have never been kept out of any security system. Recently a bloke in the UK was arrested for breaking into the American's most Top Secret security systems. So forgive me for having some skepticism about this government ability to establish a successful and secure computer system with heir record on computer systems!!

Once a person has stolen your ID you'll have a devil of a times trying to persuade anyone that in fact it was not you who took out that great big loan. Little Britain's "THE COMPUTER SAY'S NO!" character springs to mind here.

A Step-relative of mine (an American) had her ID stolen in the US and she is still on many credit black list 15 years later. People look at the computer and just say no.

Labour have insisted that I.D cards would prevent bogus asylum seekers and illegal workers entering the country…. What!!!!!! Forgive me but I didn't think "illegals" queued up to get into the country in the first place.

People say biometrics will be part of the passport, so you might as well get the I.D card at the same time. At the moment Passports are not compulsory (which ID cards will be in a few years - otherwise they are pointless). Also the argument that you'll need biometrics to get into USA is not quite true. You won't need biometrics to the level this Government want them to get into the USA. Furthermore biometric identifiers don't work 90% of the time.

Dirty trick's; the temptation for any Government to resists access to the candy store is just too much for them. I recall Pam Warren, a Paddington crash survivor who was giving the Government a hard time and had her private life looked into, her voting policy, and generally any dirt they could dig up so as to throw at her. With a handy database, all this could be that little bit easier, and they probably wouldn't have been caught doing it either.

Also this Government has also been guilty of already looking at selling parts of the database off to interested parties. Now they have a cap on the price of ID cards it this more or less likely? E.g. "Thank you for that huge contribution to the Labor Party's re-electoral Fund" and "Oh yes, and by the way - we've decide to sell you all that data that you were interested in after all"

I'm also worried about legitimate legal protest - the foundation of Democracy. E.g. "Please pass your ID cards through this turn style before you can enter the square to protest about University Tuition fees" - and by they way you'll be added to the list of trouble makers on the database while your at it.

Who cares, people seem more worried about a few shillings, then being sold into slavery!! But for those that do care - The Governments record on installing new computer systems is not great - with nearly everyone having costs that spiral out of control (and then not even working) - BEWARE - I sense more steal(th) taxes on the horizon.

Finally the Nazis. We cannot guarantee that each successive Government that succeeds this one will be totally benign. The Nazis came to power through a democratic process, before then hi-jacking democracy for their own ends.

Democracy is a fragile system and anything which too greatly tips power towards the people that govern us is dangerous. Imagine what extra atrocities the Nazis could have inflicted on the world if they had ID cards with biometric identifiers "You card indicated that your Great, Great, Great Grandfather was a Jew - get into the truck.".

In Short:
ID cards do nothing they purport to do (in my view) whilst opening a Pandora's Box of other problems. One a Government has a power, they are very reluctant to let it go again. Like Pandora Box - Once out of the box, it is impossible to put it back in the box.

I certainly won't be getting an ID card unless I'm arrested. Then "they" can take my finger prints - as by then I'll actually be a criminal !!

Citizen 100010110101 (aka Mike)
Citizen 100010110101 (aka Mike), 14 years ago.

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