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Can we now please go for the next 10,000 signatures without bitching amongst ourselves about off topic semantics?

I say this having spent a long, difficult afternoon discussing ID cards with my Dad yesterday. After a exhausting hours of relentless claim and counter-claim as to the efficacy and dangers of ID cards to a man who thought they may well be able to end world poverty -an exaggeration, but not by much- he finally agreed they were wrong and visited this site to sign up and pledge his tenner.

Then he saw the last 25 comments on the page, told me he wanted nothing to do with this and was off. No signature and a man who is now left believing "the NO2ID cards crew are spelling cranks" his words. And he believes in the need for using English correctly.

Do we really want to be actively scaring people away in this manner? By going off topic for so long that there is an entire page of comments irrelevant to the cause. How many other prospective pledgers have felt this way?

Complain about this all want, but it is the truth, the whole truth.
Janie, 15 years ago.

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