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We will need a lot more than 10,000 signatures, so it is more important (IMHO) to wait until the pledge closes in October, before jumping for joy.

It may be that 'deliberately false nams' have been planted on the list, to make us think we are stronger than we actually are. That is not an unknown tactic, bearing in mind the stakes are high for Blair & Co.

Phrases such as 'proofs of pudding' and 'counting chickens' seem, to me, to be the order of the day.

Furthermore, in case anyone here is unaware of it, we will have much bigger battles to fight in the near future - even if we win this one.

Even if Blair is forced to give up, any replacement is likely to continue down the same path, however any successor would be forced to move into 'incremental', or 'piecemeal' mode. It will be far more difficult to keep a weather-eye on them in that mode.

This is what will happen in the case of the EU Constitution after rejection by the French and the Dutch. The Constitution will be enforced piecemeal - a bit here ... a bit there. It takes longer, but the final result will be the same.

These people do not give up. They have far too much to lose. We must be prepared to do likewise, because we have even more to lose (IMHO).

If anyone disagrees, then feel free to criticse any of the stuff I've been posting at (2 + 2 = 4).
Veronica Chapman, 14 years ago.

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