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By the way.

'Spelling' and 'grammar' are singular nouns, like 'mail' and 'post'. They refer to multiples, of course, but they have their own plurals, such as 'spellings' and 'posts'. I see no reason why one could not employ the plural 'grammars', for example in the context of multiple languages.

Consequently, since they are singular, 'Spelling and grammar is correct' is grammatically correct. How many times have you said "The mail are late today", even though 'mail' refers to many posted letters?

Of course it is also possible to say "Spelling and grammar are essentials", where the plurality is due to the combinational effect of grouping more than one word.

I really like these lessons in English. It really invigorates this 'forum'.

Howevva, I fink, wiv hall doo respec', that s'long as you get my meanin', then commoonicashun has took plaice ok, an' that's wot it's hall abhaat (or woz that the Hokey-Cokey?).

Furthermore I still refuse to register for an ID Card.
Veronica Chapman, 15 years ago.

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