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I never claimed to have absolute certainty about anything, nor did I claim I am the only one who has knowledge of any such truths.

Many other things are in plain view yet have to be recognised by the majority of people...may be you can tell me why this is (of course you can't unless I was specific?)? I am open to everyones opinion and respect everyones choice of view - I change my opinions when presented with factual evidence and all sources are completely exhausted once I have assessed it in due time with necessary research.

Hey you know that Princess Diana's death was a so called "conspiracy theory" yet 87% or more of the public (depending on which polls we look at and at what time) think it was murder and even MI5 (agents) say as much. Please give up the sad conspiracy theory comments you were preconditioned to laugh at certain words and then completely dismiss all sides (apart from official claims) please don't make me laugh any hurts. Go back and worship your precious government why don't you?!

I can almost always guarantee people reaction since many are so predictable.

Just so you don't go jumping to claims that I never made....I am not special in any way other than anyone else...just more individualistic in ways..that's all.

I do not ever label people into groups (like the state) even though some of you may think this, but I do not bother what anyone thinks of me either.

I do commend everyone who supports resisting ID cards and passports but do question many of their reasons for it.
Voice, 15 years ago.

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